Board of Directors


Rocky Mtn Region – KTM North America

Matt Taber

  • Matt is a former state ranked Ohio Amateur MX racer “back in the day” who now enjoys exploring Colorado trails at a slightly more leisurely pace.
  • Lifetime AMA member and has been riding off-road his whole life.  Just can’t get enough! When Matt was in Ohio, he volunteered at AMA museum and events.
  • Matt has lived in the Mountains in Colorado for years and has three boys who all ride off-road.
  • Mr. Taber has been a Sales Professional in the Industrial Gasket Industry for 18 years and counting. If you need a gasket for anything from iPhone to an oil-well, Taber has you covered…. err: sealed.
  • Matt is the only Club Member other than Mount Tech BV’s Sean Barr and the President who has been to every work day on Greens Creek Adopt a Trail Work days.
  • Mr. Taber recently accepted a Position with KTM North America as their Rocky Mountain Sales Rep. So, if you would like to ride a New KTM…

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US Motorcycle Guides Publisher

Bob Brownell

As a Member of the San Gabriel Valley Motorcycle Club, Bob Brownell, AKA “Dr. Bob,” worked on and laid out all eight of the Original Barstow to Vegas Hare & Hounds from 1967 to 1974.

Bob Brownell was the President of the Mountain Roadracing Association from 1980 – 1982 and he was Instrumental in getting the 1st Annual Steamboat Springs Mountain Road Races going in 1981.

He was the Founder, Owner, Publisher & Advertising Salesman of the several magazines (see full bio for a comprehensive list of publications).

Some of Bob Brownell’s notable achievements:

  • Bob Brownell’s NMA Season Program was the 1st Magazine to put Jeremy McGrath on the Front Cover.
  • Founder of the Southwest Sportbike School “SSS” in New Mexico from 1998 – 2002.
  • Founder of the Arroyo Seco Motorcycle Association “ASMA” to Promote Motorcycle Roadracing.
  • Promoted & Ran the 1st Organized Motorcycle Roadraces in New Mexico from 2000 – 2002.

“Dr. Bob” Brownell is looking forward to helping EXIT 501 Promote Off Road Motorcycle Events.

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Secretary & Treasurer

Michelle Cassella

  • Professional Accountant and Office Administrator.
  • Michelle Cassella has been off-roading since 1992, with many Off Road Women championships, and still enjoys the sport for recreation.
  • Currently an avid Dual Sporter, Michelle has attended events in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, California.
  • Member of the New Mexico Off Highway Vehicle Alliance, AMA, and several other off-road organizations.
  • AMA National Hare & Hound Women’s Champion 96-98.
  • AMA/D-37 Women’s Desert, Enduro  Best of the West Champion 95-99.
  • Land Access advocate, Administrator of the District 37 Action Program 99-05.
  • CORVA Vice President.
  • AMA D-37 VP, Treasurer and Racing Steward.
  • AMA D-37 Sportswoman of the Year, 7 times.

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